World Youth Forum 4th Edition

World Youth Forum 4th Edition

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Minister of Emigration announces

official launch of the National Strategy for Youth Studying Abroad


Vision and mission

The Ministry of Emigration Dialogue Center for Egyptians Studying Abroad (MEDCE) was established and launched by the Ministry of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs in January 2021 as part of a wider strategy to connect with students overseas.


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MEDCE is offering all year a wide range of online and offline activities, in addition to an active center of summer internship that provides an excellent opportunity to our young people abroad to be part of the decision-making process and gain valuable experience.

Students Networks

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Egyptians create student networks in various countries. Connect with Egyptians studying in the same country or the same field on:

Welcome Note by Her Excellency Minister of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs Nabila Makram

Young Egyptian students abroad, this is the place for you, dedicated to you. My team and I are dedicated to connecting you, inspiring you, providing resources for you from wherever you are in the world. This is a point of connection and also celebration of your greatest achievements. Not only are you not alone from where you are but you are valued all the way from home!

MEDCE or the Ministry of Emigration Dialogue Center for Egyptian students abroad is a part of a greater strategy by the Egyptian Ministryof Emigration to connect Egyptian students to Egypt, to honor them and give them an opportunity to invest in their country whilst benefiting from it. However, we are not solely invested in celebrating Egyptian students abroad but instead we are keen on giving them a chance to rediscover Egypt, to know it more thoroughly and to see it and show it more clearly in order to combat the negative and limited view of Egypt abroad.

You are our ambassadors! Our voice and knowledge abroad! Strive to know more and explore Egypt through brand new eyes. Explore these opportunities and share them with the world

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How to apply

Join the Ministry of Emigration Dialogue Center for Egyptians Studying Abroad to partake in its dialogues and events held year-round.

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Student Networks

Select your destination and join the large community of Egyptians studying around the world

Egypt is changing

Egypt is witnessing rapid transformations across various sectors. Development projects are being implemented nationwide, and at the heart of renovation lie the Egyptian people. Smart cities that can rival the world's largest cities and gigantic road networks linking the corners of Egypt are being built in record time.

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You can participate in MEDCE events after registering for membership if you are an Egyptian student studying abroad and if you adhere to MEDCE’s values and ethics.

Current membership

Granted to all members of the MEDCE.

Executive membership

Granted to members involved in executive tasks in the MEDCE, whether as ambassadors, in the book club, training center, or in regular events.

Platinum membership

Granted to former MEDCE ambassadors who left their positions to trade opportunities or due to finishing their study abroad.

Granted to graduates who were active MEDCE members while they pursued an academic degree ultramar and who want to join as experts in the center.

Participate in MEDCE activities.

Nominate yourself as a MEDCE ambassador or to preside over one of the events.

Train at the MEDCE training center.

Attend MEDCE meetings to develop ideas and activities.

Attend meetings organized by the MEDCE with decision-makers and government officials.

After registering as a member in the MEDCE, you can be introduced to other students in the same country or field by registering the country, university, or field on the website. The MEDCE’s website will make it available for you to connect with different Egyptian student networks in the same country or field of specialization.

What is the MEDCE?

The Ministry of Emigration Dialogue Center for Egyptians Studying Abroad (MEDCE) was established with the purpose of connecting with Egyptians seeking academic degrees outside Egypt.

An affiliate of the Ministry of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, the MEDCE was launched in January 2021 to complement the ministry’s role in providing support to youth ultramar and integrating them into Egypt’s development plan.

The ministry believes that supporting Egyptian students outside Egypt is a national investment. One of MEDCE’s targets is for students to remain connected to developments at home and to be able to communicate daily, not only with their peers and active institutions in Egypt, but also with leaders who can benefit from their ideas and experiences in national and investment projects.

What is the role of the Ministry of Emigration in MEDCE’s work?

The Ministry of Emigration launched and supervises MEDCE, working through the center and its other affiliates to provide assistance to Egyptians studying overseas. It also bolsters the connection between Egyptian students abroad and their country Egypt.